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Minestrike Event Suggestion

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So a few of us SG kids were on Minecraft today. One of the game modes we played was Minestrike. For those of you that don't know, Minestrike is in short the CS of Minecraft. The maps from CS such as Overpass are made into MC maps, and they have all of the guns, bomb plants, and many mechanics from CS. We had a blast playing and I think it could make a great event. (not a joke)

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I was one of those people with Toasty on MC. It was a whole lot of fun and it felt like a completely different game than actual Counter Strike(because it is lol). Anyways, I was able to grab a screen recording of a 1v1 between @Toasty and @TheCharizard on overpass. I think this would be a cool event, and maybe we can incorporate other MC mini games into the event so we don't have to keep on playing Minestrike over and over again.


Here is the clip:


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Sounds cool! I wonder how it works, do they just retexture bows?


No, they use all the weapons in the game and retexture with a forced texture pack and make custom plugins, you gotta really search up some stuff beforehand man.

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