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Minecraft Skywars Event

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So recently this afternoon a few SG regs and admins were playing minecraft skywars and while playing, I thought it would be a good idea to have an event for some of these ideas and maybe turn it into a tournament for more people to play and have a final "showdown" of some sort at the end. The way Skywars would go down, there could be 3 days and have our own lobby of 12 people in one party and the other 12 in another lobby, depending on how many signed up and the final 4 players would have the tournament and whoever won could receive an item. I'm also fairly sure most of you know what Skywars is so I won't have to show you all.

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ABSOLUTELY me and Lisa were talking about this earlier because we couldn't play together using one of the programs that allows people to play on a LAN world.

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