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In Game Ad Commands not working

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Certain in-game commands like !sub4skins !joinus !getsub etc. haven't been working in a while. Don't know if this is on purpose (no clue why it would be), or just broken. We really should fix this since new players probably don't even know anything about this community, and if they type it in chat it can give them the information they need (about sub/vip or the forums), and overall it could up our Donation count to help the servers stay running (and also could introduce new people to the forums).

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They broke with the Panorama update IIRC.


You guys looking to fix it?


I have a workaround running on TTT and Surf that will put a link in the chat instead because the old method is no longer due to the update as Dom said. So !join puts the steam group link into chat, etc.

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Honestly, I could be wrong, but I don’t recall these really ever working or at least being easy to use. Maybe having a specific command like !shop or !rules which would bring a drop down of all these listers items would be a good idea.

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the motd is exactly what valve took away.



He's referring to the "Server Website" button that shows up when you press tab, at the bottom left of the scoreboard.


Yeah this, ATM y'all are linking the button back to the old MOTD where it's just a set of rules - if anything you can spice it up with a donation button and some other stuff.

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