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This was talked about during the 02/23/19 JB community meeting here and here but I wanted to go more in depth about the CT rank system and how to possibly combat the kill incentive that a kill oriented scored board. Also to make it so that it isn’t just playtime so that people who have nothing else but time to play the servers.

I personally feel that it should encompass multiple things other than just one, what I brought up is that it should be playtime and stats that way it incentivises people to play CT. On the other hand it will make CT more kill farming which I feel would make the game less fun for a lot of people, especially with the direction we are going with JB.

Please give feedback so we can get something implemented.

-directly quoted from Lokibelowkey


I feel like this idea (can be altered) would make JB a lot more fun and calm for both admins, T’s and CT’s. This was posted in the Jailbreak server sub (I’m gonna call it that) but failed to get a lot of attention. A system like this would make JB a lot more fun for the CT and would allow T’s to take deep breaths after they’ve been ‘freekilled’. For example, if tweedle has a high CT rank and he kills maddius for a reason that maddius doesn’t see, maddius will take note of the high rank and wait till after the round to ask tweedle why he was killed. I feel like this would result in a lot less “@HE FREEKILLED ME” from the newer regulars and would be a good reflection (to the admins) of how good or bad a CT you are. Another example could be that 4 high level CT’s are on and a freekiller is mass freekilling every round. An admin joins and all 4 high level CT’s are telling the admin to get the freekiller off CT side. Of course, this would deem the CT’s a lot of responsibility and trust on the side of the admins, but not every CT would have a high ranks.


This idea can obviously be modified and I just found it really cool. Not EXACTLY sure how the ranking system would work but it could have something to do with a voting system, as said in the sub, or maybe on how much time you have as a CT.


Everything said after Loki’s quote is my IDEA. Please feel free to tell me how dumb I am or how good an idea it is. Please go check out the sub because a lot of smarter people have commented on this concept of CT Ranks.

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I think something like this definitely does need to be implemented but with some restrictions. I like the idea of "higher rank" CTs being more believable when a mass freekiller stops as soon as an admin comes on but I dont like the idea of them being "above the rules" when it comes to a singular freekill. Its like saying if they have a higher rank then "they never freekill", which is obviously not true as many regulars still break the rules on a daily basis. I think this idea has a lot of potential as the only reason to play CT now is for the KD which creates a kill hungry mindset for CT players.

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