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Will you add ranks or other purchasable items to MC?

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Just curious if something like this would be implemented and if it is being planned on what will the perks be. Also, if you don’t want it to be pay to win, maybe purely have cosmetic shit kinda like on the CS server and will there be a place to donate to for MC even if it’s just for maintaining the server. Also, will the Minecraft donor award be re-implemented again?

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Even without paytowin items on minecraft, there is a lot more that can be implemented as perks on the server such as hats, pets, disguises, chat colors/names, and small kits that aren't a pay to win aspect like a kit that gives you materials like logs, or iron wouldnt be too OP.


Id say implementing a vote system early on is going to be one of the best things for the server, as well as adding in perks for those who are VIP/Sub if we're still looking to integrate into the Steam-Gamers ranks, as well as purchase-able tiers for factions that give you special gear once every like 2-3 days or so

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We are not planning to add any sort of pay2win things to the MC server, and are in the brainstorming process of things to add that won’t involve any advantage for paid players, but our main priority as of now is of course getting factions up and running, as well as a main hub that will allow you to transport between servers. I believe we are making it so sub and VIP carry over, but not quite sure on that one.

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Are we just doing regular enchants for the factions server or are we looking into adding custom enchants and mcmmo? Maybe You can add ranks with a buycraft site with cautions permission and acts as the donation system but you can get like /fly as top rank with multiple homes and other stuff like that.


Edit: If you want to a full rank system I will make you guys one to where it’s all written out. Just pm me! @Clamor @Third @Creten @TheCharizard

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