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A single thread to show all the VIP/Subscriber models

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Since recently getting back into SG I've noticed that there is no spot to view all the models we have available to us as VIP's/Subscribers. I realize we have the SG store page but from the looks of that thread it hasn't been updated in some time. Any chance we could get something like this?

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iframe is html wdym

@Nano I believe this would be in your line of work.


On a serious note, this would be a pretty neat way of showing players what they're getting before they choose to subscribe without making them visit multiple different pages. Even just a single thread that is kept up to date by the management/representatives of the respective servers would suffice imo.


EDIT: @Montag also had a good idea of perhaps embedding the images of the models into the Subscriptions page so it would be all in one place. It would definitely make it really neat and have everything in one place, good suggestions Anal Booty Cum and PingPong.

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Well, I have no inside information when and how will the forums change, but if they can add Sketchfab plugin I can make a thread for all models you can get on SG. Having them all embed and being to view them in 3D right here and now would be easy for players to decide what they want.

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