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March Madness Bracket Challenge 2019

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It's time for the yearly bracket challenge.


To join on ESPN click here: http://bit.ly/sgbracket2019

The password for the group is: sg123

You have less than 4 days to fill out your brackets to be entered to win.


You need to make sure your bracket name matches your forum name to be able to win prizes.

One bracket per person.

Prizes will be announced soon. They will mostly be games, but there will be a cash prize for the winner.



The ball's in your court now.

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Yayy. I cant wait to randomly choose teams again cause i know nothing of basketball but hey, i won last year sooo


Think I got 7th or something last year doing the exact same thing lmao. Good luck boys

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Duke and UNC out. Who do you guys think will win? My second winner wouldve been Gonzaga, but they lost as well.


I will be pulling for Virginia since they are in the ACC conference from my area.

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First in my bracket pool right now of like 35 people , I had UNC vs Michigan state in the final. In the 97 percentile in ESPN.


I need auburn to win it all and I win a quick 1k so I’ll be rooting for them in the final vs Mich state


LUL Didn’t sign up for this I knew I should have, would have most likely won it

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