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Tetris 99 Event!

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It's time to drop into the battlefield.


Saturday, March 23rd, 5:00PM EST on teamspeak at ts.steam-gamers.net we will all play as many

games of tetris battle royale in an hour and see who has the most points giving them a

#1 Victory Royale and the "Contest Winner Award" on the forums.


How can you get points?


Well, for every kill you will get 2 point, if you get in top 25 you get 2 points, if

you get in 3rd you get 4 points, if you get 2nd place you get 6 points,

and if you get 1st place you get 8 points.


You will have to take a picture of your stats after each match and send it to me through any method

of your liking most likely uploading it to a 3rd party site or sending it to me through

discord. Afterwards I will count the scores of everyone and

see who the victor is.











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