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Add !Ghost/!redie to course maps

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As most of you know, Minigames has gone through some major course changes lately with Auto respawn being turned on and off, and also the player amount required on the server to actually play a course map. The MG community had a straight line down the middle of a bunch of Regs and people who actually enjoy playing course, and players who just like the PVP gamemodes on MG. There is a plugin called !Redie or !Ghost that allows you to play the map while you are dead, but when everyone dies, everyone respawns. This could help the people who can't stand spectating for five minutes because they suck at course, and also it would be fine for Regs because they will still be able to spectate, but also practice skips and try to get better times.


I don't personally see any problems with this being added other then people wanting to be spectated to show off, and i'm not lying people do actually care about that. Thoughts?

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This does seem something that would be cool to add back to the MG server and be able to "practice" while were waiting and seeing how others do it. The only thing with !ghost or !redie is, from what I remember it was buggy and as of I know I believe it doesn't work anymore and crashes the server, correct me if I am wrong @Karma @papa. If we are able to get this back I could see this being added later in the future possibly.

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The reason we removed !ghost in the first place because when in use it would constantly bug you into the ground making you lose your speed, no matter the speed, angle of movement, type of ground, you would constantly get stuck into the ground and would have to hold E to noclip out of the ground. I'm pretty sure the plugin also messed with some other plugin but I may just be remembering something else. Anyways if it was added to course almost no one would spectate because they have the opportunity to actually play the course, just like the debate we had when the old course plugin was first added. This led to people becoming angry that they would constantly play the same thing and people would quickly become either bored or angry at the map and either scream rtv or just leave the server and come back later.


I disagree. You guys should leave course as simple as possible, the way we have it is the best way and I don't think we need to add plugins and mods to the server FOR course, even though the server should be primarily minigames in the first place. If we get all these auto respawn ghost redie timer crap we need a separate server for course specifically and that's already been ruled out.

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