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Tagging appropriate CAs/ATs in suggestions

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Yet another suggestion, but this time about suggestions! A lot of the time suggestions end up floating around having reached no resolution, or poeple never get a followup. I would like to suggest adding multiple tags to suggestions, one for the suggestion status (REVIEWING, APPLIED, REJECTED), and one for the appropriate usergroup (JB, TTT, FORUMS, etc.). When a usergroup is tagged, the relevant CA's and AT's are tagged in the post automatically. This will bring attention to suggestions and ensure no suggestion is overlooked or forgotten.


This is a bandaid fix for something more formal like JIRA/GitHub's issue tracking system, but seeing as the forums are getting an upgrade soon this might work for the meanwhile.


:] thanks.

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This is something I think we'd be more inclined to work into the new forums sometime in the future. It'd be fairly hard and time consuming to implement this in vBulletin, and ultimately we don't want to spend any more time developing things in VB when we're going to move away from it shortly anyway.


Thanks for the suggestion though.

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