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  1. It's back up and working again.
  2. @TheVirus You know personally I agree with every word you said. I really don't understand the urge some people have to use certain words or phrases, and I've always been happy with our strict rules against racism. But even with all that being the case, us continuing to dig our heels in, ignoring the large majority of people that want to see a change and letting some of the tension and animosity here build up even more is not a good thing for the community either. That's why I didn't vote against us giving this a trial run, and I'm sure the other members of the Board feel the same. We've always maintained that few things in this place are completely set in stone, and we'll always reevaluate things as circumstances change. If after the trial period is over and it's obvious that it's making a negative impact then the rules can go back to where they were before, and you're free and would be justified to say 'I told you so'. But maybe the change won't end up being big deal, or maybe somewhere in between, then any additional issues that might come up with it can be addressed and we can reach a happy medium. Listening to what the community wants is very important, and sometimes that involves taking a risk trying out something like this. That doesn't mean we'll do things just because people want it despite it being bad for the community or that we're only listening to the majority. No one wants to see this place become an unwelcoming toxic environment and we always try our best to stop that from happening. However we can't just brush off what a huge section of the community wants just because we disagree with it, and any claims we can make about the exact outcome here are speculation until we actually test it out. So I'd just ask that if any of you feel disappointed with this change to wait and see what happens with this first and then judge it, and we will of course listen to what you have to say.
  3. 1/24/2019 Last Request Fixes - Fixed armor and helmet not being applied - Fixed player models of LR participants not changing to red (T) / blue (CT).
  4. This should be fixed.
  5. Already a thing. T's and D's can talk to teammates with team chat.
  6. 12/8/18 Call Admin plugin disabled due to causing server crashes.
  7. All the servers are back up. However !ws and !knife are disabled for the time being as they'll require separate fixes, we'll let you guys know once we're able to bring them back. !ws and !knife are working again.
  8. Tonight's CS:GO update has broken SourceMod and all the servers are down as a result. Please be patient while we wait for the SM devs to release a patch, and we'll try to get them back up as soon as we can. Thanks. Servers are back online!
  9. Liam Brown

    scrim & gameme bug

    Fixed. Will take effect when the map changes.
  10. We're testing a fix for this. If it happens again please let us know.
  11. Servers may be down for a few more hours, we don't have a definitive time that they'll be back up unfortunately. Thank you for your patience. pls
  12. Hey guys, Just to let you all know TTT, MG, Wingman, Bhop, and FFA are going to be down for up to 12 hours (from this post) for ~super secret~ behind-the-scenes stuff. They'll most likely be back up and running in the afternoon. Thanks.
  13. SourceMod is updated and all the servers are back up, thanks for your patience.