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ttt_floodzone_V1 removal

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Map Removal

Full map name


Type of map


Why should we remove it

Map gets RTV'd everytime it's voted for.

Map is so foggy that you can barely see 10 feet in front of you.

Every round is dragged out as long as possible because of the size of the map and view distance. T's are unable to find innocents and detectives. Radar rarely works well enough to see the enemy players.

Easy to get stuck in the water without being able to find a way out.

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As refreshing as it is to have newer maps in the pool i'm gonna have too agree with cam here. Maps like these that section off huge portion of the maps with traps that can kill players have always been a huge turn off for me. Having certain parts of the map being only accessible through one way or a narrow way is never a smart idea in TTT as it leads to door spamming and delaying. A close to full 32 server had multiple rounds that ran out of time and usually this is in indicator that shows the map still needs some tweaks.

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I have to agree even though I've only played the map 2-3 times since it's so hard to catch a map when it's rtv'ed within the first 3-5 rounds. It's very foggy and the map is HUGE, I didn't have time to explore the whole map and sometimes the t's couldn't do anything since they were lagging (Not really a problem with most people). Most of the time as eden said above, the map ran out of time many times even if it would have a full lobby. The map needs some changes and tweaks and maybe I could see a rebirth of this in the future.

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