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  1. Cam

    S4S thing

    It does the same thing for CT side too I believe
  2. Cam

    Scrim Strikes Thread

    Scrim Strike Form Name of offender: Divine Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:98636519 When was the strike issued?: 4/24/19 Strike reason: Leaving OT
  3. I dont remember what map it was off of. I think it was Summer Jail.
  4. Huge argument today on whether it's allowed or not and it's not stated in rules or FAQ.
  5. Jesus Christ please give us the option for a dark mode. My eyes..
  6. Fieldz

    come back D:

  7. Yo when we playing? im ready whenever
  8. Sent you a friend request.
  9. I’m ready when y’all are. I’ll add you on Epic
  10. Yo I can drop in as a sub. HMU if anyone needs one. Sorry im late btw
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAM, miss u & Pablo :(

  12. Cam

    VRChat Night

    You do not know de wey