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  1. 24. The best show hands down. And stranger things if you’re in to that
  2. Cam

    S4S thing

    It does the same thing for CT side too I believe
  3. Welcome back @Black Rain !!!
  4. Whether people use a gun, a knife, or a truck, terrorism is terrorism. This just happened last week in Japan, in case you missed it.
  5. I second baking soda and vinegar. However, if you cant get it off with that, spray some oven cleaner on it, let it sit for about 1-2 minutes and then wipe it off. *USE GLOVES* Make sure to clean the inside thoroughly afterwards.
  6. The modern warfare series was my favorite of all time. I can’t wait for this
  7. Window tint. Stupid law imo unless its way too dark on the windshield
  8. Can you continue the music but make !stopmusic work again?
  9. Wow... surprised I’ve never heard of that. Lol I could see cloning being a great way to save endangered species from becoming extinct, assuming that we could find a way for it to become extensively safe. I think cloning humans takes it a bit too far realistically.
  10. Hold up... Since when could we clone humans and animals
  11. Cam


    Again, it's not fucking most of us over, seeing that most of us in Alabama support it. Those in Alabama who still want an abortion that badly obviously have the option to travel a few hours into the next state that allows it. Don't even get me started about what the federal government lets states get away with that's federally illegal. Ok that's just absurd and I'm not going there.
  12. Cam


    You gotta realize that politicians are going to run for/against the current talks going on in the media. Whether that's abortion, immigration, Russia collusion, whatever it may be, that's what the US citizens are going to look up to their candidates for. If abortion wasn't blown up so much in the media then I guarantee you that none of these laws would have passed. At least not as quickly as they did. I do not agree with my state's law, I more so agree with Georgia's. Just like you have your opinion, everyone else has theirs. Either way it doesn't affect you since you don't live in this "shithole" so why do you care? I actually live here, and most of the people that I've talked to agree with it, other than the none rape exemption. It's very unlikely for a similar law to pass in any other democratic state.
  13. Congrats all of you. All well deserved