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  1. I've been itching to play some TTT the past couple days and playing eGo TTT, I can say the biggest difference is the clarity in the rule. As a player with no understanding of what TTT is, it's way easier to digest eGo ruleset because its honestly a dumb downed version of TTT where you can only shoot if someone clearly shoots at someone else. The gateway entry is set so low that anyone can just hop in and enjoy themselves and understand the rules in less than 5mins. In terms of administrating the servers, they're not any better than what we provided in the past. RDMing still runs rampant on the servers and when asking admins via @ its a 50/50 on whether or not they'll actually do something about it. I've played on full pop hours with multiple admins and the only time they really take action is when someone blatantly starts rdming. On the flip side our server allows for a lot of leeway in how we play TTT and in my honest opinion its way more fun because we actually allow our servers to act on information given to us. However, if you suddenly put yourself in the shoes of a new player you'll suddenly see how frustrating it can be. Any experience player will kill off sound or someone will randomly t-bait just to be funny and bam the new players dies. Honestly, 9/10 players will just disconnect after that bullshit because the amount of what if situation that are ok is fucking annoying to deal with. People wanna hop in the server and immediately understand the rules and enjoy the server. So, imo we need to start trimming the fat off the server rules making it clear and easily understandable. I'm pretty sure I said this in the past but the lowest point of TTT was when people started t-baiting and edging players to rdm because honestly the staff didn't do shit or just laughed it off. It's time to clamp down on some of those rules. Fucking get rid of t-baiting and make it a bannable offense, there's no fucking reason to t-bait as an inno or detective all it does it create confusion amongst players. Your job is as an inno is to fucking find and kill the traitors not act like a fucking traitor. Once people see other players t-bait for fun and cause rdm it allows the green light for other players to do the same. TLDR: fuck the t-bait law shits dumb as hell, like i said in the past create administrating team that doesn't play favoritism stick 2 the fucking rules, i want a wendys 4 for 4 ps: being an admin on ttt can be hard cause theres a lot of what if situations honestly wouldnt be against the idea of starting to just make rules simpler for both admin and player base sake even if it means cant kill off sound
  2. I might be against the majority here ,but the main issue that really killed the TTT server in my eyes/experience has nothing to do with the actual gameplay of TTT. When I first joined SG TTT, the first thing that really made me wanna come back were the admins/regs that were honestly enjoying themselves and having a good laugh. The atmosphere and culture SG TTT had in 2017/18 was just about having fun without the unnecessary toxicity to get comedic response/recognition. You guys could add all the coolest mods/new buy menu items ,but it wont change shit unless the server regs/admins change the culture from the ground up. Its great to have an abundance of feedback and changes that can spice up the game mode ,but the real reason the servers survive is because of the regs/active staff that are on it. The passed 2 years have literally been a shit show and decline in player base. More toxicity and egging on shitty behavior slowly seeped into the culture and what do you know, the servers are pretty much dead now. Of course luck also has a part in keeping the servers alive as retaining regs that actually have a positive impact to the server is hard to find in general. This is exactly why we should be focusing on keeping an engaging/non toxic environment. Not only should the regs be accounted for a higher standard ,but the admins also have to as well. There's been so much shitty mob mentality/playing favorites in recent memory of TTT that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. No one wants to rejoin a server where the regs are getting away with shitty behavior even if they're not breaking the rules, people need be held at a higher standard. Throwing events, adding more !menu items, and changing up rules may affect the number of players in the short term ,but if were looking at the big picture sustainability is what everyone wants. TLDR: Focus on the big picture in really pushing out a new culture for TTT if you wanna actually see numbers that'll stick.
  3. Who died and made you Lord? Last time I remember you blew 10k karma lead to a guy who was like a week late to the party. : )
  4. Fucking throw it in the mix. I wanna buy m4a1's and awps over my t buds bodies to send a message
  5. eden

    Ill see you in TTT heaven my little french rat <3

    I know you wouldn't want me to leave something soapy here you nerd ;)

  6. In all honesty I really didn't wanna write anything because processing this is really fucking hard as it is, but I owe it to my little furry friend that invited me into this community. I started off as just a regular on TTT around mid 2017 and quickly made a name for myself within the TTT community. Although I love TTT what kept me around however was the community behind it, you guys all know who you are if you were playing around that time ;). However, without a doubt a major influence in taking another step into this community was because of you Roux. At that time you encouraged me to apply for admin and to share my ideas within the community because you saw the potential in me. We stayed up countless nights on TTT talking about all the crazy ass ideas we had to make TTT even better than what is was. Brainstorming all sorts of ideas such as health changes, aim punch, armor nerfs, and etc until legit 4-5 in the morning. Talking to someone just as passionate as I was for the love of TTT was something so unique and special that our bound clicked immediately. You were seriously like a brother to me when we were playing TTT 40 hours+ a week grinding the karma contest with @MaR 1. I remember you always complaining that mar1 was a dweeb nerd that would play 24/7 and that it was impossible to take 2nd place and that you'd given up. I just laughed at that time cause in all honesty it was fucking hilarious listening to you roast mar1 in your stupid little french accent LOL (all in good fun of course). Then who can forget you nicknaming me ADON and fucking everyone just called me Adon after that for months. After our TTT phase there was our OSRS phase when we both were playing a shit ton. I remember you flexing your quest cape and being proud of it, I myself should've fucking finished questing and instead worked towards farming Vorkath. We would just pm each other while skilling roasting each other, my favorite for sure was, "I'm gonna ice barrage into gmaul your fucking teeth out freak". Man I can just go on and on about all the great fucking times we kicked it both on the server and off..... You're forever gonna live in my memories you smelly rat and when I see you again one day, ill make sure to gmaul your teeth in real good.....
  7. I honestly thought the old requirements of 100 posts back in the days wasn't that bad. Why not just reduce it to around 50 or 75 with playtime requirement, it'll weed out the idiots and obvious shit posters. It's also enough time for the staff to figure out whether or not the applicant could handle being an SA. I was always against this 10 post requirement bullshit because its a joke. You'll get a wide range of players wanting to apply and its just added work for the staff. If you truly care about the community/server fucking 50 or 75 posts and playtime should be absolutely nothing. I'd rather have a understaffed competent run server over a bunch of non qualified idiots who can't diffuse a simple argument or constantly make bias decision within their cliques of friends. Its so crazy how far gone the idea of what being an SA is, its not to have fun at the expense of other players nor is it a title for you to feel like your a cut above the rest. I'm not gonna point names or put people on blast ,but its so obvious how unqualified the recent amount of admins have been. Over the years SG has restricted the current role of SA and its obvious why. Its a select few admins that should've never gotten to be admin to begin with. I personally believe some kind of change was always needed with these admin applications because it was gonna be inevitable that this post would come up. I'm just surprised it took this fricking long.....
  8. Man...where was this when I was super active ): Just wanna shoutout @Creten for the amount of work hes been putting into TTT this past month. Good Work
  9. I've been pretty out of the loop as im not as active as I once was with TTT ,but i'll leave some food for thought/some input. What makes TTT such a interesting game mode imo is the simplicity of it. You know your roles and you know what the objective is after playing a couple of rounds. Although i can see why some people are pushing for some kind of update to stimulate the game play, its important to look at the game as an whole. One of the most important aspects of any game mode is whether or not it will retain a players interest. In the past I've pushed for a shit ton of different ideas/game changing meta buy menus ,but the community was always split into two sides "usually". After seeing some push back from the community on in game mechanics being changed, I changed my approach on how I could influence the game mode without actually trying to complicate it even more. Which brings us to rank, competitiveness, and competition. On paper these ideas seem great as it wouldn't interfere with the fundamental mechanics of the game and wouldn't make it more complicated. However, a lot of newer players may not know ,but the whole reason why karma ranks and ranks in general got changed was because people started to abuse the system. Whether it was purposely trying to have the lowest karma or just general toxicity due to people caring about their rank, having some kind of competitiveness/rank system always led down this path. At the end of the day this is a csgo "gamemode", theres nothing wrong with having forum competitions every now and then ,but i'd avoid trying to make this game mode about people ego stroking their TTT ranks (we have sg scrims for that). Its our job to keep the gamemode easily understood/played while maintaining a healthy community. If you want to play for ranks/competition just go play SG Scrims, TTT isn't meant to satisfy your shitty silver 4 ego. TLDR - KEEP THE GAMEMODE SIMPLE, RANKS/COMPETIVENESS USUALLY = TOXIC NATURE/COMMUNITY, GOOD IDEAS = QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENTS NOT TRYING TO ADD MORE ROLES TO CONFUSE NEWER PLAYERS
  10. I've never been against change as it usually promotes growth in the server however, there are some things I want to touch on. Can I kill Traitors off association? No, you may not kill someone off of association with another Traitor. What made SG stand out from the rest of the other TTT servers was that you could actually use logic and not be punished. If were going by this logic we might as well take away killing players off of sound/location. It seems to me certain people got turned off by situations where people got rdmed off of association. Instances like these happen all the time, deal with the rule breaker and move on, why overhaul everything? You can now no longer kill someone for not shooting at a T, not being shot at by a T, and various other clearly logical reasons to kill someone Then make t baiting bannable as well. It makes no sense to have these sets of rules and allow people to just go around t baiting for fun. I think whats in order is to set new rules on what "Association" entails. It seems fucking stupid that all you need to say is it was association and your scott free of any punishment. It would be super infuriating for a new player to get killed off and the players response to killing you was just a simple "association". Im sure we as a community could think of ideas where this rule could work for both ends of the stick. You may kill someone for not responding to a live check after the 2:00 minute mark. I think this is a great addition to the rules, we've been having issues where innos have been delaying and I think this might be the happy medium we need to promote players to actually not camp as much. Inno's had minimal information to work off of and needed some kind of leeway in my opinion to combat certain situations. Detectives are allowed to give orders that help them rapidly determine if someone is a Traitor. If you do not follow their order after 3 warnings, they may kill you. This needs to be worded differently. There are really only 2 different situations where a detective should be allowed to kill someone for not obeying their orders. 1st Refusing to be tazed after being warned 3 warnings 2nd Refusing to get in a tester to be tested after 3 warnings Maybe something along the lines of "Detectives can only kill a player if they refuse to be tazed or tested after 3 warnings are omitted". These wordings are way too broad and need to have certain limitations to them. Yes, you can KOS someone for having an AWP or Health shot. This rule in my opinion just promotes a less dynamic game play of what TTT should be. If anything I feel like this just ruins the gameplay for innos/detectives. If a traitor buys an awp and I kill him as an inno why should I be fucking punished for picking up what rightfully should be mine? I domed his ass as an inno I should be able to fucking use the gun he tried to kill me with. If anything this is just gonna lead to people abusing this new rule. You dont like someone...? easy throw an awp at him and kill his ass for picking it up. Another issue, if a traitor kills a few people and throws the awp to hide it, now as an inno I can't even fucking pick it up to see the name on it without being fucking blasted. Come on now....lets really use our brain here, does this sound fucking logical or fair!?
  11. sometimes you just gotta take a look in the mirror man