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[JB] Admins VS Members Event

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[JB] Admins vs Members Event!



WASSUP GUYS we back at it again with another event. This time we are doing a admin versus members event. In this event all the admins will be put on the CT side while all the regular players/members will be put on T side. The last time we did this event it ran smoothly and everyone had a great time. So, everyone come out and support the jailbreak community and have an awesome time.




Jailbreak -




April 5, 2019


7pm EST / 4pm PST / 11pm GMT

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Might wanna make the members Juggernauts to even things out, because they're about to get CLAPPED.


This gonna be a piece of cake for us admins.

Stand back admins, I can do this by myself.

Unlike some other CT’s the admins know what they’re doing. Ez clap

these bots about to get destroyed ez pz lmn squeezy

Just wait admins bouta show y'all how to play CT it's a w r a p for you peasants









Dinner Time @Tyymunk

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