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I haven't played on the servers seriously in a while but its crazy when i see old sg members in different discords and games, here are my two nuts experiences


When i stopped playing cs i started playing wow with porpoise but after a few months it died down and i moved to a guild that focused on pvp in the world. After a while i got burnt out of the game but before i did my guild had a meeting because it was against another guild and was really outmatched so people from other guilds were there to ally up and create a stronger alliance (we were on horde). I was clicking on random profiles to see where some of the members were from in terms of servers when i saw @Military_king friended on this one dudes profile. A little context "Mythicc" was his name and his reputation on the server is that he was boosted to a rank because he paid money, ether this was true or not i mocked him before i knew that this person was @jpi02!


(Links to convo below)




Another one of my experiences of this happening occurred like 2 hours ago which inspired me to make this post! Sometimes i go serverhopping on discord to find cool peeps, but this one server stood out to me because people actually talked in voice chat and iv'e been chilling with them for around a month. I've just been talking and pretty much doing nothing untill like 3 hours ago a mysterious figure comes out of the disboards, its a dude with the name of "Gwsto" and he comes to talk and say "does anyone play apex". Me a somewhat fps versed gamer decided to say "i do. got 3.5k hours of cs experience under my belt" you know subtle flex. He responds "i got 13 years in counter strike community servers LOL" which doesnt really phase me until he tells me to add him on apex which i then proceed to do. One thing off i see is a recognizable name "arottenpickle" and another "Eurowo" and below you will see what transpires next @Great White Cookie Shark


(links to convo and stuff below)








Its always nice to find people i used ti know from the server i will always love, Thank you SG

Maybe some people while share times they've found other people from sg outside of cs?

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