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  1. Name: nV Subjects: English, Psychology/Human Factors, Anything Aviation Related Days of Availability: M-F after 3pm, Discord: nV#4661 I'm possibly sick with the corona virus so it'll take some time for me to respond (I wish I was joking) My major revolves around producing an unnecessary amount of professional reports/request for proposals. I'd love to proof read whatever yall have. (For reference, I helped a senior in HS obtain an A on her essay by basically tearing it apart and adding my revisions). I know there's only like one or two other pilots within this community but I can help out with check rides if needed.
  2. Best of luck in the future, buddy. Thanks for being in the community.
  3. nV

    Super Bowl Discussion

    I really thought that the 9ers had this one considering they had two interceptions within the first two quarters. The last two quarters of the game was an emotional rollercoaster. Congrats to all the Chiefs fans
  4. After the round ends, check your console. It should be displayed there.
  5. ?eahc?m Rank last season: Gold 1 Rank currently: Gold 4 I am not de captain https://gyazo.com/a6d71f01d815ef1ac2e313ef3a9a7c53 Is my current name. I guess the forums don't pick up special characters.
  6. Imagine farming in the middle east and you see a bunch of oWo's coming at you at high speed.
  7. Here’s mine [ATTACH=CONFIG]20913[/ATTACH]
  8. I just got my hands on the game today since it's on the rise. Come train for ww3 with me! IGN: IcBassI