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Changing forums name

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I was wondering where I can change my forums name. I remember somebody telling me awhile ago that I need to message a BD but I don’t remember too well and I would rather just take to forums and get a definitive answer. If a BD does see this and that is how to fix it, I would like to change my name to “drippy”.

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Thanks now how would I actually go about that?


Step 1: Pick a BD. You can find a list here.


Step 2: Go to their profile.


Step 3: Select the second option "Send Private Message".



Step 4: Write a message kindly asking them for some of their time to change your name, and what you'd like your new name to be.


Step 5: Remember to include your please and thanks.


Step 6: :d you have a new name after they change it for you!

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