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i think that people on the jb server should need more then 100-300 points to be ct to stop fking and cts having no idea what there doing cause it happens pretty often


I disagree.


Doesn't matter if there is a longer wait time or point gap you will still have shitty CT's.

JB since it started back in 2008, it has always had bad CT's and the Server admins would deal with it & they still do.

So if there is a CT that is god awful and should not be CT, Record/Demo and report or talk to an admin.



Just how it is man and if they change it im sure you will run into problems having enough CTs

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We already have a lock out system in place based on time. You have to play on the server for 30 minutes before you are able to play CT. The team feels adding points from the ranking system as a part of the lock out system is needed at this point in time.



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