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Public apology

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I wanted to take some time to man up and apologize for how i have been acting the past 2 days. I have been going through alot in my personal life and the events that happened to me were icing on the cake. I know that doesn’t justify how i acted. I was childish and took my frustrations out on people who didn’t deserve it. Especially you bdcoll i am sorry for how I treated you. Im sorry to whoever else witnessed it or who was apart of the situations. I really hope we can move past this and forgive and forget about what happened. Again i am truly sorry for my behavior and i will give you my word it will not happen again. Thanks guys for understanding, and helping me. Sorry everybody

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Ha honestly dont worry about it. We've all been there before. I wouldn't have been admin for this long if i couldn't take people being annoyed at me :)


Edit: Disregard previous statement. DML demands money. Pay him 1 Quadrillion dollars and you might be forgiven

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