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So not that long ago there was an updated rtv plugin in ttt to whenever a map is rtv'ed, it would change the map after the round ended and my suggestion is if this could be added to all other servers. Not sure if it is already added/updated but I don't see any downsides to not doing this so you wouldn't crash when an rtv hits or if someone asks a question then nobody could answer in time because of the map change and so on.

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I like the idea, but we'd need to extend the amount of time that it takes to rtv on a new map. I don't know how long it is, usually halfway through the first round on jailbreak I can RTV. This would help us so we don't RTV every five minutes and not land on a map.

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Jailbreak is working on replacing the entire map rotation plugin (including RTV) within the coming days, so this will likely be addressed. We had tried to make this happen before but it broke some stuff (see here). Will leave this open so other ATs can determine if the change is necessary on their servers.

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