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My budget is around $50 and I'm trying to get new mouse since the one I have right now is some ASS. Corsair harpoon didn't do me good, it's really small and the sensor sometimes fucks around and throws my view in a random place.

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Had a Deathadder for around 5 years until it died on me. I replaced it with a Logitech G502 for a week but I really didn't like the way it felt in my hand. The unlocked scroll wheel is amazing though. I returned the G502 and tried a Corsair M65 but I felt that it was too short for me. The material also felt pretty weird. I returned that and ended up getting another Deathadder. It fits perfectly in my hand and it has everything I could ask for in a mouse. Never had anything but great experiences with it.

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The PMW 3320 isn't too of the line, but it is still considered a very good sensor. If you are having issues with spinouts, it is likely because you are flicking too hard or need to consider turning your DPI down a bit; 400-800 is good for most people, but try 1600 if those just don't feel precise and smooth enough for you.


As for what mouse to choose, we can all give you our favorites, but it's really up to what grip style you have, what size your hand is, and what features you're looking for.


RocketJumpNinja has some great videos on mouse reviews and guides to determining what size and grip style is right for you. Below is his most recent guide on accurately measuring your hand to determine which mouse size you should be using.




If you primarily play CSGO and don't need many extra buttons or frills, you can look to what pros are using (Steelseries and Zowie primarily).


Logitech seems to have the best grasp on mice with extra features such as side buttons for MOBAs or whatever, but I've never found their mice to be particularly comfortable.


I usually find myself aiming best with a light mouse, so I've always stuck with the Finalmouse brand, although I might be trying the new Glorious Model O. If you're interested in any of these, I'll caution you that these honeycomb patterned mice are much more prone to becoming caked in finger grease and collecting dust inside the shell, but can be cleaned easily with qtips and isopropyl.

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