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ttt_doom_csgo request

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Map Suggestion

Full map name


Type of map


Link to map download

Additional Information

For information pertaining to this request please direct attention to this thread:



An accompanying preview image is posted with each map.


Please report any errors about THIS map in THIS thread unless the map is added, then direct them to a map fix request.


EDIT: To the AT's, these version are different from the ones that you tested earlier, and should delete those versions from the dedi along with the version in your folders, else you will get missing map/version errors.

Screenshots attached


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It might just be me, but music volume seems to be at a reasonable level. I just wish it would stay off when I tell it to :|. As stated, the door sounds do get very annoying. I'd recommend expanding the radius of vision when the lights are turned off by Ts to compensate for the increased player speed. It is very easy to lose track of targets running away or to misjudge a situation just a few feet in front of you.

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Here is a V2 with the reduced sound volumes along with increased fog distance from 360~ to about 550. I didn't want to increase it too much since the point of it is to cause confusion and make it easier to hide as a traitor for a few seconds.



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