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I was wondering if there was a way to put on a restriction on CT. So like people have to have a certain a amount of hours to play CT or something because I see a-lot of people come on mass free kill for 1 round then leave! So I just want a restriction or something on CT to help with that thanks!

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There are two restrictions on CT's.


The first one is that you need 30 minutes of playtime on T side to play CT, and the second one is for ratio.

I thought the playtime to play CT was 25 min. not 30. But I could be incorrect.

Anyways, the short amount of time should be increased by a little somewhat near 1 hour. Because freekilling/mass freekilling is occurring way more it gets really annoying. Just stating my opinion here.

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This has been discussed multiple times. There is currently a restriction for new players on our server to wait 25-30 minutes before being able to play on CT. It is not so much a derailer of mass fkers and more of a tool we implemented to allowed people who truly have no clue what is going on to get a feel for JB before hopping straight into CT. If you do see someone mass fk and no admins are try and catch a demo and make a player complaint and one of our fine CAs+ would be happy to take care of it

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