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DNA is a fabulous thing implemented in TTT but i believe the way it is executed could be improved. At the moment if a detective gets DNA it appears as a red ring underneath the killer, the problem with this is that the red ring stays stationary so if the detective comes around within a few seconds of it being there the T or whomever they had DNA on could’ve moved and someone who was not guilty take it’s place. This has caused a lot of RDM before and slays towards people when they are not completely in fault of it. A suggestion I bring is to either have the Red Ring be mobile and move along with the guilty suspect but still have the ability of reappearing every now and then or for it to highlight the player in red for only the detective to see (obviously) but still only for a short period of time and disappearing/reappearing. The highlight in red could either be a highlight around the player as if they were T buddies or completely color the player red.

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I think the ring concept works best because it shows you where the player is without outright telling you who or giving you wallhacks. I just think the frequency and reliability need to be buffed a bit, but I think the TTT team had something in the works about this. It was also discussed previously whether the color of the ring should be changed, as red tends to make people think that the person is always a T, rather than just the victims killer, but I don't remember what became of the conversation.


As a detective, you are in charge of determining who your DNA is on, and which body it came from. You should just go around spraying anyone within 10 feet of your red ring. The DNA mechanic, to a certain extent, is designed purposefully ambiguous to keep Detectives from being overpowered.


I don't think DNA will ever be implemented in a way that outlines the player, because that would show you the player model of the perpetrator, drastically narrowing your suspects.

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I believe the DNA Scanner needs improvement or full on removable before it gets buffed.

Barely anyone uses it in the first place, and I would hate to see it become a regular thing like eGOs DNA Scanners.

Other server's DNA Scanners are notorious for ruining a T's game. An unnatural KOS in my opinion. No one has to work for it.

If the current causes RDM and seems to be rather pointless, I'd remove it. However, it seems fine where it is.



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Or wait patiently and pay attention so you can be 100% sure that the red ring is under the person. If you completely see the red ring under the person and you still have some doubts, ask questions or taze them. They could either be traitor or inno. If they’re inno, everything after that is up to admin discretion and the stories of the people from what had happened.


If you’re going all willy nilly and shooting anyone you see with a red circle under them even if you didn’t see it pop up then you’re playing detective completely wrong.

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