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I think that a warden would make everything easier. I believe it will reduce some of the conflicting orders from the ct's. With everyone giving different orders it can be confusing as a T. I just think that a warden would be a great idea.

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This has been discussed mainly in here and other threads that I cannot find. Main takeaway is from fantastic's post

Although a good idea, I do not think the warden system will result in a better playing experience for either CTs or Ts. For starters, while Ts have more clarity in that there is a far lower chance of conflicting orders, there is also a much higher risk of orders being repeated over and over until it becomes the regular "one step out, face the back and freeze", as well as "bum rush big cage be on boxes". Allowing multiple CTs to give orders provides far more variety than allowing one person to control orders for 5 minutes straight.


Furthermore, take a look at the following quote.




This is a common problem with the warden system; players who don't know how to play JB even after 25 minutes on T side have the opportunity to hog the warden system for 5 minutes without knowing what they are doing. There is no good solution to this. Setting another arbitrary condition for players to meet before they can be warden only negatively impacts a new player's experience on JB.


Overall, while the system we have in place is not perfect, it's been working somewhat well. I believe the warden system, while good in theory, will not work well if implemented on our servers with our current ruleset.


EDIT: Consider the previous me playing devil's advocate. After some more thought, we definitely need the warden system LMAO. Far too many times has it been the norm for someone to give orders, and 10 seconds later another CT gives a different order. This has mainly been the case when there are 30+ players online, so perhaps warden can only be used when some player count is reached?



Other things to take notice


*How the server will work with this

*What will happen to the "Variety Aspect" and how can we combat being "unoriginal" relative to other communities.


Personally, I still stand with myself,

I feel like a warden plugin would be great if there is above a certain limit of players like 20-30+ like what fuze mentioned and I feel as if it could reduce freekill and confusion much more but obviously we need restrictions to it such as once every 2-3 rounds and a time constraint before being able to use it in the first place.


I can also understand why people wouldn't want this as a part of our servers because we have an "old school" technique that not many jailbreak servers have. Giving an order 10 seconds after another order can obviously be chaotic especially with 30+ people but that's where conflicting and admins should be able to come into play. We have things to combat not having a warden however if we do add a warden plugin, there are different restrictions and things that we can't do. I'm 100% with this suggestion and I hope for it to be applied.

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Maybe have the Warden be something that can be applied for? There would have to be a cap, possibly 5-7. Possibly the Warden can act just like a regular CT, but maybe be able to mute the rest of the CTs and give the final say? (With a delay) This allows the Ct's who complain to each other on whos order should be followed drama to be heavily reduced. Of course, there is just so much more that has to be put into a Warden to make sure that its fair to everyone else.


I'm all in favor of a Warden as long as it can be made appropriate!

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