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Can't get an image in forum signature with verified email address

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I've PM'd a couple admins about this and between myself and them, none of us have been able to find out why I cannot upload an image for my forum signature. Whenever I go into Edit Signature, under "Signature Permissions">"Can Upload Images for Forum Signature", it says "No." I've looked across forums, and it seems that once you make a forums account and verify your email address, you should be able to embed an image in your forum signature (even forum members without the member vanity tag have signatures). I've tried to save a signature with the correct image embedding format just to see what happens, but it just leaves a blank signature. I'm not sure if I'm just being mentally deficient and there's something stupidly simple I'm missing, but I cannot for the life of me find a way to get that permission to change from a "No" to a "Yes". If anyone has experienced this problem before, or knows what stupid mistake I'm making, I'd love to hear it.

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Just out of interest, can you post the source code that you're using for the picture? You can obtain this by clicking the left-most icon in the message box while editing your signature. It looks something like "A/A". I doubt this is the issue since the "Can upload" value is set to "No", but I just want to verify.

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When I paste it in this comment it just leaves it blank. I'm putting a space between the characters in the formatting brackets so that hopefully it doesn't do this.


[i M G]https://imgur.com/3ARIoHY[/i M G]


You're trying to link the webpage to your signature, not the link to the direct image. Try embedding it with the direct link like this [ img ]https://i.imgur.com/3ARIoHY.jpg[/ img ]


If you right click the image and click copy image address it should give you the direct link.

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