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  1. aelius1#9835 but you got me added ;)
  2. That was just talking about how bad cypher's VA is xd
  3. [video=youtube_share;0xiL4rSc4N0] The astoundingly short first match of the scrim event is in the first 5 minutes. also That may have been a good thing
  4. scrolls' mom shoulda won smh
  5. [video=youtube_share;gmE5D1OI8-Q]
  6. this is my prep for the valorant scrim
  7. oml yes please sign me up
  8. With Kieran mentioning adding things to the item pool, I would love for large amounts of nades to be purchasable as T and D. Depending on the map nades can be a complete crapshoot (in terms of availability) but if it were possible for a T to buy 3 molotovs/credit or a D to buy multiple smokes, they can be used situationally; I think they'd be particularly useful on maps where people tend to group up in the same area (highschool, close quarters, clue, the usual suspects) or to mitigate a T camping T room.
  9. It's like 40-50% RDM tops
  10. [video=youtube_share;f-t86BKSWK0] The title makes it sound worse than it actually is I promise P.S. this video is made from a couple different sessions, with two occurring before the May 25th Traitor items change and one after, if anything regarding T items might cause confusion in this
  11. aelius

    TTT T Bait

    I disagree with the idea that T bait as a whole is an idiotic mechanic, but I do agree that it has become way too frequent (coming from the guy who published a video with the name "how to t-bait"), but I think most of its current problems have arisen indirectly from TTT's rules (or admin opinions I honestly don't know). What I mean by this is: a.) T-bait being KOS b.) The idea that anyone can kill someone who is t-baiting, not just the person who was t-baited T-bait was much toned down and occurred so much less frequently before early 2020 when b.) started being used by admins. I have no clue when this became a thing, or if it was always a thing, but I distinctly remember this NOT being true from 2017 to january-ish of 2020, regulars started claiming this as true in-game, and I asked bat who told me to ask @Trazz who said yes it's true. I don't remember if he said it was a change or if it had "always been this way", but he said its true. I think to fix t-bait being an issue, one of these things needs to be changed. Either t-bait needs to not be KOS, or only the person who has been t-baited can kill someone t-baiting. I think the scenario ZZL pointed out happens a LOT less often that people think it does; I think the more problematic scenario is when person A t-baits person B, and though person B does nothing, person C kills person A. This is the cause of most chains I see, and it frustrates me beyond belief. The scenario ZZL proposed does happen, and I have another clip of that exact thing happening, but most of the problems with t-baiting is when a 3rd party steps in to kill the t-baiter. People on TTT aren't wholly retarded. Using ZZL's situation as an example, most of the time person B doesn't kill ZZL and the chain never starts, and I know that because I t-bait almost every goddamn round. They are much more likely to kill someone like person C in my scenario, and then B or another person D steps in and kills C for killing a guy that had nothing to do with him, because C wasn't getting t-baited. These assholes are the ones that have caused us to have 5-6 inno death chains. Besides, t-bait is incredibly useful as a mechanic as an inno, and shooting it in the foot (again) is just going to make gameplay all that more stale. You can use t-bait practically on the twitchy Ts that sit at a doorway sidestepping, trying to line up a headshot. Ts get so twitchy, and even the most experienced players panic-react to t-bait. ZZL knows this because I've caught him out on his T rounds, Asher knows this, Meggi knows this. And you wanna know the worst part? -Suirina Like ZZL said, it's not RDM. If you kill someone t-baiting you, and he's innocent, anyone can kill you. You killed an innocent, that is a traitorous act, and it doesn't even matter if everyone knows they t-baited you, you're shit out of luck- they have every ability to dome you in the head. T-bait doesn't need to be nerfed, or removed entirely, we as a community need to be less ADD-ridden idiots and stop shooting the second we see someone doing the same. This wasn't a problem up until recently, and the problem is the people rushing to be the first guy to kill a t-baiter. This shouldn't be changed like ZZL suggested because people will take that to the extreme and use any single bullet fired as "he just t-baited, can't kill me for killing him." People who complain about t-bait act like it's some hard-to-tell thing most of the time. The guys that do it repeatedly are shooting three full player lengths above the air from you, or into the ground at your feet, or just spraying the ceiling and someone will tap them and scream "iT waS tBaiT" into their microphone, then bitch when they get killed. Just like you have the right to kill someone who is obviously t-baiting because you haven't gotten the instant gratification of a kill in the last 30 seconds, other innocents have the right to dome you after you've done it. Either make a rule where only the person who is t-baited gets to kill the t-baiter, or make no changes, because it's much less of a deal than people are making it out to be.
  12. Imagine not maining Castle smh my head, Will Smith is the only good defender