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  1. new name like the second coming of christ lookin ass

  2. aelius1#9835 but you got me added ;)
  3. scrolls' mom shoulda won smh
  4. oml yes please sign me up
  5. With Kieran mentioning adding things to the item pool, I would love for large amounts of nades to be purchasable as T and D. Depending on the map nades can be a complete crapshoot (in terms of availability) but if it were possible for a T to buy 3 molotovs/credit or a D to buy multiple smokes, they can be used situationally; I think they'd be particularly useful on maps where people tend to group up in the same area (highschool, close quarters, clue, the usual suspects) or to mitigate a T camping T room.
  6. Steven is a trash can Synk has this in the bag
  7. Mmm gotta love having to find alternatives to simple problems because valve wont fix the mess they made of demos
  8. aelius

    CAck and balls

  9. aelius

    happy 2nd birthday big boy

  10. hot boy make youtube videos me ape

  11. love you too aelius

  12. person of interest profile pic lookin ass

  13. cant wait to own the libs with legislation