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Need PC Desk or Desk Setup Suggestions

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Like the title says, I am in the process of completely cleaning and rearranging my room to make space for a VR setup. I've been using a shitty bookshelf desk thing for the last decade or so. It barely has any room to fit my monitors and peripherals. It's extremely cluttered because of the book shelf design and I'd prefer to have something with a flat surface and plenty of surface area to put shit on.


I'm not a complete retard so I know how to use google and search for shit on amazon. I just want to know what kind of desk or desk setups you guys have or can suggest. Maybe something longer than 55" in length and less than 30" in width (preferably something that can fit three 24" monitors).


Any suggestions appreciated (and no I won't use a cosco folding table).

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@shoiep Not sure what your budget is but Amazon is honestly the best place to look




This is a pretty good desk


63" x 23.6"


I have a desk from this company and they're built pretty well, metal frame and strong wood

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I have two of these and you can get this. I bought the two drawers and I had wood laying around that is around 1 inch thick so I just put it on top. It's worth it.


^ what this man said, get a solid slab / wood desk top from IKEA


I have this currently : https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S49281070/ (in black) , best desk I've ever had.

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As John and BoM said, Ikea is great for desks. My parents use this for work/home use and say it's great and recommended it to family friends.


If an IKEA isn't local to you, I suggest this, if you don't mind a corner desk. It has a space for USBs, and a hole for some wires to go through for cleaner management.


If you're out of luck on IKEA and don't like corner desks, I suggest the same one that Strayyz recommended. (This one)

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