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[JB] Anncouncements when starting a forced deathgame

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The title is self-explanatory. It would help out with that whole Jump Rope thread (which has calmed down server-wise), but a lot of people are still dying to CT's who randomly start a deathgame. This would also help us enforce forced deathgames only lasting 45 seconds. This would simply be the CT having to say, " I'm now starting the deathgame" (or whatever version of that they're comfortable with).

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I mean if they're being sent to a death game, they should be more aware or atleast conscious of what is going on around them at the time. Sure it would be courteous of the CT to say "Hey, Im starting the death game" or something like that but I don't think it should be required. It just adds to the long, sometimes complex, and growing rulebook the server owns. Making CT's warn T's before a death game starts is like saying we should make CT's tell T's why they were warning shot. Yeah it's courteous, but shouldn't be needed; it's the T's fault not the CT's.

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