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  1. happy birthday dad

  2. ill play second game
  3. Seems like a very fun event possibly, I've been learning chess for a couple weeks now and I would love to have some fun against other people.
  4. Chad

    happy birthday Mr.Ray who i never met before!

  5. We should have it 24 hours next time! Anyways, had lots of fun streaming today. Thanks @Strayyz @Nishok @Ned for putting together this one, we should do it more often.
  6. alright guys we are live with the fifth slot! 5:30pm-7pm - Tyymunk - R6 Custom Matches! come watch and support a good cause!
  7. Ray

    boomer moment

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]20555[/ATTACH] almost crashed the server
  8. Ray

    Usb Mics

    I have a blue yeti right now, and it's been working really well for me. The only problem is that the input for the USB cord gets often bent easily: I've already had to replace it because the tip of the input just bent off completely. That's my only complaint really though, and it might just me acting stupid which is why the issue is occurring. Definitely not a bad microphone to buy if you're looking for a safe option.
  9. Ray

    BHOP Timed Events

    In my opinion, the styles chosen should always be normal, and then maybe one of the less traditional modes that is still fun. For maps, just have someone play test the map beforehand to make sure the map is okay. I know a lot of people, (including myself) don't like grinding for times that are 80% RNG, whether it be due to glitches that may happen once or twice over a couple hundred runs or just some poor mapping. The maps should be unique, but also stick to traditional bunnyhopping. I would avoid surf dependent maps, as it is a bhop server and surf (atleast for me) heavily turns people away from trying the same map tens to hundreds of times, but that's just my opinion on the topic. For me, the only reason I don't participate in these events is because I don't feel like going through the process of submitting my time since I'm lazy. But I feel like a lot of people might have the same scenario. Also, since you need a forum account that may turn away others. I'm not sure if this exists, but maybe some of the messages that appear in the chat box should talk about the event and give a forum link on where to submit your time for a chance at winning a prize. Also, since all the submissions are public, it's very easy to see that you may not place with your time, so you end up just not submitting it. Maybe make the submissions private through a google form or some other equivalent method would work better. Doing this would keep the competition running and build suspense, as you don't know who or who hasn't submitted times so you always have a possibility to win. For prizes, I would stick away from raw CS:GO skins, as I think to the general population, and bhop especially, nobody really cares about skins, as the bhoppers who win are usually the people who only bhop. Maybe raw steam currency through gift cards or something equivalent would work? I haven't really thought about VIP/Sub as a prize, but in my opinion they're not very appealing.
  10. Rocket jump is notorious for exploiting/breaking map boundaries. Trust me, you would have fix requests on over 50% of the maps if you were to go through every map and try to get out of it using rocket jump. In general, as long as it doesn't conflict with normal modes such as normal, sideways, HSW, etc., then it's probably fine.
  11. alright who gave the lance main autism powers @Dong
  12. Exactly this. How are we going to expect players who rebel to stay on the server for multiple rounds at a time if we increase the round time? Those same T's are still just going to die in the first two minutes and sit spectating for another 5. Sitting in dead is already annoying enough for the rebellers as they have to watch the less capable T's just delay or not rebel and play deathgames. Sure, they can play like that, but it goes against the very objective of JB. Increasing round times would only cause for more abilities to delay rounds unintentionally as T's through "exploration" of a map.
  13. Ray

    Brawlhalla Event

    don't think i'll be able to come tm but if i could i would clap you all with my lin fei. you lucked out this time @English @Manny @Karma @Kyle EDIT: im coming
  14. To be honest, I would just make it a queue instead of voting. Unless it could be implemented in a different way than what I am thinking right now, which would be the start of the round, voting would (or could possibly) take too much time away from the game. Unless there was a way to implement it so that the warden would be chosen exactly when the round starts, I don't think a voting process is viable. If anything, can't we just add a system like Warden Ban (like we have CT Bans) if it gets out of hand to that extent? Personally, I don't think it would reach that level of chaos, but I'm open to my mind being changed if new ideas are presented.