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Alright ladies and gents, WoW classic has been out for a little over a week and I've run into quite a few of you playing. Honestly I'm more impressed by the game than I thought I would be, and I have a lot to say about it, but I think first we should see who's playing.


Lets just do a quick :


Faction / Realm (region) / Class / Spec


and then maybe like how far you are (level wise) / how your progress has been so far. Also post your btag if you're not shy about it




Alli scum / Benediction (US) / Rogue / Combat for now


Me and the GF got caught with long queue times on herod, so after a few days of struggling we moved to Benediction and we are lvl 25 moving into Duskwood rn.



post it up nerds ;)

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Horde / Herod / Warlock / Undecided

Alli / Benediction / Warlock / Undecided


Only got to level 7 because I was on a different server just so I can at least play. Got to level 7 on another server tho. Trying to level up on Herod only now because a co-worker of mine is also on it, but he's like level 32 lmao. I'm definitely enjoying my experience as it digs deep into my childhood experience. They just opened up free realm transfers for high-pop servers, so I'm praying these gamers hop off my server because they can't deal with queues.


Hmu @ Fajita#1952

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