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[FFA] Refill ammo on 3 kills/headshot

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At the moment you get your ammo and some kevlar refilled if you kill anyone, headshot or not. I've seen other servers have it so you only get ammo refilled if you get either 3 kills or you kill someone with a headshot. This may be something we want to consider to prevent huge spray and prays which wouldn't happen in a regular competitive game, and to instead encourage people to go for headshots as they do in competitive.


Thanks :).

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What if you suck and run out of ammo before you can get three kills? You just have to go die now. If your really bad you'll probably go find a server that refills ammo every kill. I see the logic that your using for this but I'd have to say no. People go into FFA with a personal goal in mind. 200 kills with m4/ak try and only take quality shots at the head or even just want to practice their spray downs. On top of that I don't think you'd ever be in a position where three people are in your crosshair and you'd need to hold down mouse1 to kill all of them. And if that situation does arise then now you've been given an opportunity to practice your spray transfer. Good idea but not a big enough problem to warrant making this change imo


If anyone has an opinion on it you are welcome to change my mind

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