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[October] Monthly Bhop Timed Event!

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Welcome back to another Monthly Bhop Timed Event! If you don't know what it is, we select a map from the map pool and participants compete to get the top times. The competition spans throughout the entire month and we will reward the winners with the top 3 times in the selected styles.


For this month, we will be looking at times from the "Normal" style, and the "Rocket Jump" style.



This Month's Map!





While this map is a tier 3 (as was last month's), it certainly is a fan favorite on the server, and very well designed, along with not being one of the more difficult tier 3's. The map download is hyperlinked if you have trouble downloading it in-game.








1st Place: attachment.php?attachmentid=18260&d=1533523220

2nd Place: attachment.php?attachmentid=18261&d=1533524581

3rd Place: attachment.php?attachmentid=18262&d=1533524599








This time around we are doing things the same as last month so we can distribute the prizes efficiently and accordingly. We will be requiring that you MUST have a forum account to submit your times. Any time that isn't submitted in this thread will not count towards the competition.


This obviously doesn't concern all of you, but we do have a lot of players on our servers that aren't connected with the forums and it makes it difficult to contact and reward them with their prize if in the event they do win.


If you get a better time and want to submit it again, don't make a new post. Re-edit your post and fill out the form again. We will look at the submissions at the end of the month so there is no worries.


Attention: in the last two months you were able to send a screenshot of your time from where it shows your best (top left corner beneath the world record), but this month, you will only be able to send a screenshot of the time that shows up in chat. Without the screenshot of chat, your submission will not count.




The contest will span from 10/1/19 - 10/31/19 and any times submitted afterwards will not count towards the contest. If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM on the forums!


Good luck!






And while you're here you might as well join the Events Team steam group because what else are you gonna do?



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Bhop Event Submission

What is your in-game name?

What is your STEAM ID?

What style are you entering in?

Time for submission:

Screenshot of time

Video Submission (optional)




Submissions can be done in this manner:

(quote the post replace the "" and delete the QUOTE tags)

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