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  1. I just got this message, i think @Noxstarshould be disqualified
  2. hello brockery


  3. hello brockery

  4. I can confirm that @duffysaid he would pay me $10 for a vote and $15 for a vote on the ban appeal account
  5. @TrazzI'm just surprised I'm still admin and also if you see a bunch of new forum accounts voting for me can you just overlook them I promise they're not me.
  6. hi brock

  7. HAXOR


    Thank god and don't fucking come back
  8. Congrats Everyone Not sure why I haven't been promoted to BD yet tho @Black Rain
  9. Hey, Would you like to play monopoly? You can be the car I'll be the shoe!

  10. we tight

  11. Not sure how this guy got IA but I guess he is kinda an ok dude



  12. Cya dom you will be missed more than Trazz will when ever he decides to leave. I hope he leaves soon!
  13. Pred - 05-14-2020 06:05 PM


    "I h8 u"


    Classic Pred!