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  1. forearm [fawr-ahrm, fohr-]


    1) Anatomy - the part of the arm between the elbow and the wrist.

    2) Zoology - the corresponding part of the foreleg between the elbow and the knee in certain quadrupeds.

  2. hello brockery


  3. hello brockery

  4. Hey, Would you like to play monopoly? You can be the car I'll be the shoe!

  5. we tight

  6. Not sure how this guy got IA but I guess he is kinda an ok dude



  7. Pred - 05-14-2020 06:05 PM


    "I h8 u"


    Classic Pred!

  8. Ahahahahaha

  9. jay$

    wya m8 i need ur settings on the aimlock

  10. @Dominic You're just mad you were never at the top so you decided to reset everyone's points. I know how much @Bacon and @Infinityward miss me but this isn't bringing me back.