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Garry's Mod Prophunt!

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Thanks to @nick for the awesome banner!

A classic game mode played in the game that perfected it? Sign me up! As part of GMod month, I am happy to host a Prophunt event. I am sure the majority of people here know what prophunt is but I will explain it for those who are unaware. Prophunt is exactly what it sounds like. Everybody starts out on the prop team except for one person who is chosen to hunt. Players on the prop team must press "E" on a prop to take its form and try and fit into the map. Hunters need to find these out of place props and shoot them. Hunters lose health for shooting a prop that is not a player. If a prop were to be found and killed, they turn into a hunter. It's a pretty simple gamemode that is very enjoyable with a large crowd.






October 11th @ 6 PM EST - October 13th @ 9 PM




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