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  1. MeekIsBae#NA1 I would like to be in the first game. 2nd if first is full
  2. Signed by EvilEye


    Keep being my biggest fan!

  3. Our team was available most days basically anytime before 9 pm. The problem is that Fantastic's team only wanted to play on weekends at night time. So we had a team who could play from 11am-9pm and they had a team who could play on Sunday and Saturday from 10pm-1am~. At one point, both teams were missing players because they were going on vacations with their families for a week. We would have been able to complete 2/3 matches but then Fanta had to cancel the match due to the new forums coming up, he and BR had to work on it. After that school got in the way for both team captains and it was decided with a coin flip. It's not like we didn't try to schedule matches. Our team gave fantastic our schedule for the week with times and days we are available but our team and their team just couldn't find a good time.
  4. https://www.pcgamingrace.com/products/glorious-model-d-minus-matte-black Glorious Model D is pretty light and good quality.
  5. I like this idea, the T-side already has Jihad so I think an Item on CT side would make sense at balancing the two roles. Just add rules to make sure you shouldn't use the item when the Ts are stacked.
  6. EvilEye

    elo hell

    It seems like someone is hard stuck platinum 0_0. Echo is pretty bad because you know, Mccree and Ashe exist. Role Lock is pretty meh but if you don't like it you can play open Q Every game is toxic, not really a point Elo system is pretty okay before diamond, if you are outperforming all the other players who play the same role as you in your RANK (tank, dps or support), you get a shit load more (or lose less) elo then your team. After diamond, you get a flat 16-25 sr per game. If you get 2 sr for 1 game, that must mean you are bronze-platinum rank. If you get 2 elo that means you performed dogshit that game and must have literally gotten carried. If you are consistently out performing fellow Tank/DPS/Supports at for example Gold, you will be given upwards of 100 sr per game just to push you out of gold. Elo hell below diamond is a myth made by hardstuck players. Even then, a good player could carry themselves out of "elo hell". After diamond is when games truly become 50/50 because thats when everyone gets the same SR as everyone else so dogshit players can be in diamond forever because of coinflip. Overwatch league kinda sucks so this is fair. There are a lot of problems in OW but none of these are top priority. What really needs to be fixed is "power creep". The dumbass developers of the game decide that instead of nerfing things that are OP, they buff other things to be on the same level as the OP things. That's why Ashe, Mccree, Genji and Sigma are all very good. They were buffed to fit the current style of play instead of nerfing the OP things in the game. Now they are about to finally do a nerf BUT this nerf indirectly buffs the BEST DPS in the game, Ashe. So I view it as an overall shit nerf. They make changes for one character without considering the rest of the heroes in the game and it is hurting the overall balance.
  7. What polarzz said and also Have you tried rolling back to an older version then updating to the lastest?
  8. Maybe just don't be lower then 50 hp? If you are at 50 hp and are spectating a S4S, you are stupid. Go to medic or something, tell your CT to not take his shot till u comeback or to wait like 5 seconds. If the T shoots at the you and misses u can kill him but him just aiming at you is kinda stretching it. You could say they are delaying and tell them to look towards his LR partner if you are in a situation where Medic isn't an option.
  9. Probably wont be able to make the 2nd match so codez or Mikey can have my spot
  10. Yo can I play in the first game? It looks like there is a spot open
  11. At one point I swear that guy never left the server for a week straight