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  1. U have double my hours in CSGO in the last 4 months but I could still turn you inside out. I'm 10x ur peak kid and that aint changing for a while! How about you join the crackhous event and show everyone how your PALADINS skill will destroy everyone!
  2. Did you know the legal age in Pakistan is 16??? Current age of the character is 20 years old
  3. Damn, guess I lost my number 1 gang membership :/
  4. Where you at

    1. thump


      Your mom's house

    2. EvilEye


      You are so stupid it took you 2 months to think of a reply

  5. MeekIsBae#NA1 I would like to be in the first game. 2nd if first is full
  6. Signed by EvilEye


    Keep being my biggest fan!

  7. I like this idea, the T-side already has Jihad so I think an Item on CT side would make sense at balancing the two roles. Just add rules to make sure you shouldn't use the item when the Ts are stacked.
  8. Probably wont be able to make the 2nd match so codez or Mikey can have my spot
  9. Yo can I play in the first game? It looks like there is a spot open