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  1. Anime weeb!

  2. Only reason I played retakes was because of how toxic the regs got while playing. Even the staff members got toxic af playing that shit, it was hilarious as fuck. Now when I check to see who's on it's just some random ass first time players and maybe 2 regs. Def the main reason I stopped playing retakes. Little to no interaction between people now.
  3. Go online on steam so I can cyberstalk you

    1. Military_king


      If I did you would be able to see me play my copious amount of hentai games in my library

    2. EvilEye


      Just obtain then "legally" so they dont appear on steam! Its what I did.

  4. Fucking garbage weeb player who's literally a carbon copy of @Military_king and @Pred

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    2. EvilEye


      Don't worry you will have my support! 

    3. dafty


      ur not a CA or above so ur opinion means nothing 

    4. EvilEye


      Im honorary scrim CA we should be good!

  5. shut up u suck

    1. EvilEye


      You are garbage bud

  6. U have double my hours in CSGO in the last 4 months but I could still turn you inside out. I'm 10x ur peak kid and that aint changing for a while! How about you join the crackhous event and show everyone how your PALADINS skill will destroy everyone!
  7. Did you know the legal age in Pakistan is 16??? Current age of the character is 20 years old
  8. Damn, guess I lost my number 1 gang membership :/
  9. Where you at

    1. thump


      Your mom's house

    2. EvilEye


      You are so stupid it took you 2 months to think of a reply

  10. MeekIsBae#NA1 I would like to be in the first game. 2nd if first is full
  11. Signed by EvilEye


    Keep being my biggest fan!