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I think we should try to promote ZE by making a event that adds new models, a raffle, and credit multiplier for a weekend to try to get people back on it. We can do a different stuff to make it an actually event like predators VS aliens and such. But overall we just need a big event to make it have at least a few constant players so its actually playable and not dead like we all know it is. and i know a lot of people are waiting for summer of Christmas but if we do a event then we can probably get a bigger crowd.

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I think Gentoo had an extremely similar idea to this and I don’t remember what happened but most people agreed that it was a pretty good idea. We would advertise said sever (any SG server) on the forums and there would be credit multipliers just for playing in there. I don’t know what it would take to make this happen, but it’s a pretty great idea and I believe it could work. I’m not sure about the event though, it could work if planned and thought out well but it doesn’t seem very likely.

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I 100% agree I love being able to hop on ZE and play a couple of rounds and take a break from JB but recently it seems to be dead and an event with new models credit boosters and maybe some custom rounds would be great for bringing people back

Hopefully, the Events team can make this happen soon

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