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  1. Xtra


    Holy shit I remember back when I played on jb and zzl was just a member. Glad to see he's climbed so far up the ranks. Grats Sir ZZL kekw
  2. I Remember seeing the fundraiser for his house accident and hopping in the stream and donating some money that I could spare. So sad to see this my condolences to his family and close friends. Rest easy Roux.
  3. drop the introduce yourself thread

  4. Got ca grats brother

  5. Nick.

    Ayy thanks man, hope to see you on JB

  6. Xtra

    Glad to see you got to come back old friend hope you enjoy it

  7. SOUND epic if I have time I might submit one thanks ET
  8. Great event good job i'll try to attend
  9. Epic time to kick admins ass
  10. Sounds great I'll be there most likely
  11. Great can't wait to see this and be on
  12. Xtra

    Certain KOS Catwalk..?

    As @Dom and @TheZZL that is not kos that catwalk does not lead to armory so it's not kos
  13. I've seen it a few times but only on clouds sooo needs a fix