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Spooky Scary, TTT Night

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We should have a event on holloween or earlier that goes through some of the scary TTT maps like Haunts and that one fog map, it would be great with the New player models coming out

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Nah I k ow your adding them but when you do I'm saying we should go through a few of them continuously.


Just like the regular map pool, playing the same maps continuously and having the maps be similar themed could get stale and boring. Also some people hate some of the Halloween map(s), for example one of the Halloween maps has 2 jump scares in them and some people just don’t like to be jump scared or maybe they just don’t like the whole dark theme in maps. From off the top of my head I believe there’s only 3 maps currently that are “Halloween” themed so there isn’t really many maps people can choose from

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