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How is everone?

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How is everone doing this weekend is anyone else looking towards the new stars wars game coming out. Tell me what games are you waiting for that are coming out? Lets not just keep this about video games what movies or tv shows is everone waiting for to come out or start?

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Doing pretty good, thanks for asking Pat. I have a new love interest at work and I was paid today. I'm going down the list of my movies that I have been meaning to watch. I rewatched Superbad yesterday and Scott Pilgrim the other day. I completely forgot about El Camino because I thought it was supposed to come out in November but I watched it last week and I loved it.

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yesterday my boy Victor Mete finally scored his first NHL goal after 126 games of nothing. over the past couple games i had a feeling it was coming soon and when it happened it was pure joy in that moment. everyone was happy for him, the bench, the Bell Centre and every Habs fan watching at home. the Habs discord server blew up. unreal moment i wont be forgetting for a while. Nick Suzuki getting his first NHL goal shortly after that was icing on the cake. i’ll even add some pictures because im still cracked out from the experience.

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