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SG Charity Stream - Streamer Applications

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Hello Steam-Gamers,


Strayyz and I are looking for dedicated streamers to stream for the Steam-Gamers Charity Stream. If you think that you have the hardware and fun games to stream, feel free to apply today! We are looking for 7 main streamers and 5 backup streamers. Each streamer will be assigned a block at a certain time to stream for an hour and a half. More details will be given if you are chosen to be whitelisted.




Also... I highly encourage you to join our events team steam group while you are here


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am i allowed to stream minecraft


Yes, you can stream minecraft if you apply to be apart of the charity stream and get picked and choose it as the game you want to play as long as no other streamer that has been approved before you doesn't pick it as the game he/she want's to play.


If you guys have any other questions on this topic feel free to send me or @John a quick pm :)

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