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Garry's Mod Melonbomber

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Thanks to @nick for the aouwsome banner!

An excellent game mode based on the classic game Bomberman. It has the same hectic and fast paced gameplay. Players can place explosive melons and use them to kill other players or destroy wooden crates around the map. Inside the crates can be found powerups that can give you an edge on other players.



List of powerups:


Speed Up - increases your running speed

Bomb Up - increases the max bombs you can place at a time

Power Up - increase the length of your bomb's explosions

Bomb Kick - the power to move around bombs

Power Bomb - a incredibly powerful mega bomb

Remote Control - the ability to remotely detonate your bombs

Piercing - bomb explosions pass through breakable crates

Line Bomb - place a line of bombs with right click






October 25th @ 6 PM EST - October 27th @ 9 PM




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