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  1. 6/28/22 Removed Maps - Deathmatch xmas_nipperhouse_csgo_hdr Due to nipperhouse being a consistent population killer I've decided to take it off of rotation. If there's popular demand to bring the map back I'll reconsider it in the future. Fixed an issue that locked cash at $1337 and preventing players from gaining money. If you run into any more issues please make a bug report in the thread linked below.
  2. This should be fixed. Let us know if you run into anymore problems.
  3. When this happens you type kill in console
  4. This won't stop me from doing this to Black Rain every round she's on.
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  7. Welcome to February's Monthly Art Contest! This month's theme is going to be Twitch Emotes Here are the requirements for your emote. You are only allowed to submit emotes that you've made/edited. If you are caught stealing emotes from another channel/user you will be barred from entering the art contest. Winners will have their emote added to the SG Twitch Channel. 1st - Your emote added to our Twitch Channel + Game of your choice (Up to $60) + Art Award All troll/joke posts will be deleted and only serious entries will be entered in the contest at our discretion. Deadline for entries will be February 28th, good luck!
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    Still bad at TTT

  9. ThRza

    Crab Game Event

    The event has concluded, thanks to everyone that came out.
  10. ThRza

    Crab Game Event

    Event is starting now! 109775240985418300 Copy and paste this code in the game finder and hop into the Event Channel on Discord!
  11. ThRza

    Crab Game Event

  12. ThRza

    Crab Game Event

    My dumbass forgot that I was going to be busy today. This is being rescheduled to Sunday, January 9th @ 6:00 EST
  13. ThRza

    Crab Game Event

    Left a special surprise in your mailbox!
  14. Thanks to @crazedkangaroofor the awesome banner! Crab Game! Crab Game, there are games, there are crabs (probably). If you don't know what Crab Game is, it's Squid Game but instead of it being a show, it's a video game. There are multiple gamemodes, and a bunch of maps. There's gonna be betrayal, teaming, but only 1 victorious player. We hope to see you on! When? January 9th @ 6:00 PM EST Where? Crab Game, it's on Steam and it's free. How Can I Join? A code will be posted on this thread and in the discord, you'll be able to copy and paste it in the game finder in Crab Game. Join our discord server!