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  1. ThRza

    Crab Game Event

    The event has concluded, thanks to everyone that came out.
  2. ThRza

    Crab Game Event

    Event is starting now! 109775240985418300 Copy and paste this code in the game finder and hop into the Event Channel on Discord!
  3. ThRza

    Crab Game Event

  4. ThRza

    Crab Game Event

    My dumbass forgot that I was going to be busy today. This is being rescheduled to Sunday, January 9th @ 6:00 EST
  5. ThRza

    Crab Game Event

    Left a special surprise in your mailbox!
  6. Thanks to @crazedkangaroofor the awesome banner! Crab Game! Crab Game, there are games, there are crabs (probably). If you don't know what Crab Game is, it's Squid Game but instead of it being a show, it's a video game. There are multiple gamemodes, and a bunch of maps. There's gonna be betrayal, teaming, but only 1 victorious player. We hope to see you on! When? January 9th @ 6:00 PM EST Where? Crab Game, it's on Steam and it's free. How Can I Join? A code will be posted on this thread and in the discord, you'll be able to copy and paste it in the game finder in Crab Game. Join our discord server!
  7. Eh I'll give up bandicoot and snatch Figment and Dandara
  8. Hit me up with that Hollow Knight, Cultist Simulator, and Wizard of Legend. Big shmoney. Thanks Caution.
  9. happy birthday greggy

  10. There are 5 days left before the competition deadline. With only 3 entrants so far there's plenty of room for more!
  11. Welcome to November's Monthly Art Contest! This month's theme is going to be Discord Emotes Your emote can come in sizes up to 128x128 pixels. The file size of your emote must be less than 256kb. Your emote can be animated or static. You are only allowed to submit emotes that you've made/edited. Winners will have their emote added to the SG discord. 1st - Your emote added to our Discord server + 1 Month of Discord Nitro + Art Award All troll/joke posts will be deleted and only serious entries will be entered in the contest at our discretion. Deadline for entries will be November 30th, winners will be announced in the new thread
  12. @Infinityward @crazedkangaroo Shit I didn't know it was also your birthdays. Thanks for all the work you've both been putting in, good shit and well deserved.
  13. ThRza

    Minigames Suggestions

    Overall I believe that a lot of these are some pretty damn good suggestions, I'll be revisiting this once I check things like round times and nomination limits.