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  1. @Greggy G@Hawks Important
  2. 10/29/22 Changes to the T-Menu - Lowered the price of the Missile to 275 Credits With a limited population, the missile didn't have an opportunity to see much use due to its high credit cost of 350. The TTT team hopes that lowering the cost of the missile to 275 will allow the missile to play a larger role for T's. Items Removed Bullets (Ice) Bullets (Poison) C4 Controlling Missile Decoy Teleporter Drop Following Missile Hurt Station Knockout Silent AWP Tracer Tripmines (Temporary, will add back once fixed) USP-S We have decided to remove some of the lesser-used items from the T-Shop in order to reduce clutter and streamline gameplay. If you'd like to see any of these items return, or want an item that isn't on this list removed, please post your suggestions in this thread. Items Added AWP - 250 Credits The Silent AWP has been replaced with the original AWP. We hope this will give Innocent players a better fighting chance against the weapon, while also giving the Ts that use it more options. T-Menu Item Order Changes Below is the new order for items in the T-Shop. We idea is to put the most utilized and useful items closer to the front, with the less used options being near the back. If you disagree with the placement of any item here, please bring it up in this thread. Keep in mind that the menu will be three pages long, with page 1-2 consisting of six items, and page 3 consisting of two.
  3. 10/25/22 Removed Maps ttt_mcpoppin_v1 10/26/22 Role Changes Removed Sub-Role Healer The healer role has been disabled due to the role causing RDM trains. Whoever thought it'd be a good idea to have a role that heals players by shooting them will face my wrath.
  4. Bro we’ve said this how many times now? someone just needs to take his keyboard away man…
  5. If so then Takuto is the happiest motherfucker on earth. God bless that man.
  6. Spring and Fall. Summer chugs fucking balls, and Winter is just sad and gray. It doesn't snow much where I live, so Winter really is just boring and cold. Any humidity and I feel like it is impossible to go outside during the Summer without collapsing from a heat stroke.
  7. @gween has spoken nothing but truth. You're just a hater.
  8. Answer the question coward. It might sound weird but one of my favorite smells is from the Honeysuckle plant. When I was growing up, one of my old places had this big ass hedge out back with felt like a wall of honeysuckles. I have pretty fond memories of just sort of sitting out back and picking them off all the time. Don't think it's a smell I'll ever forget.
  9. Bro should buy a dictionary instead. With that kind of money I'd buy twitter and then hard delete the entire platform. Seems like the most ethical thing I could do here. what do you mean by that
  10. "I look like Timmy Turner...but black." - @Greggy G
  11. Dominic isn't even a real admin, I'm not sure why people would think this changes that. Nevertheless, dub.
  12. Congratulations! Make sure you all remember to deposit your $15 promotion fees to Gator's wallet.