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Opinions on Kanye West's Jesus is King.

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that shit fucking sucked dog. it was an actual struggle to listen to this despite it only being 30 minutes. i believe @John would like to add his own opinion to this. like we get it kanye, you fw chikfila

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He did say he was going to make a gospel album and he did do it. My two favorites are Use This Gospel and Follow God. The Clipse and Kenny G feature on Use This Gospel is amazing and Follow God has one of the best Kanye beats in my opinion. Water is also good. The production on every track is amazing. On God sounds heavenly. As much as I dislike Closed On Sunday I can't help but admit how catchy it is. Overall, I didn't enjoy the album that much because I am not a big fan of gospel. It has amazing production but it was mixed horribly. i literally just woke up 45 seconds ago

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everything we need, follow God, Selah & use this gospel my fav songs out of the album. I love Kanye and this album makes me love him even more. I rate the album 8/10

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