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  1. @Rawmondzwrong account add LSK #1867
  2. 2nd match kye #0000
  3. Special thanks to @duffy for hosting the event. 2 people showed.
  4. Thank you for the event @drippy!
  5. what it do

  6. get fucked

  7. Wanna go run shoulder down, full speed into some 2nd graders?

  8. Jmc

    Don't trust this man on Minecraft!

  9. tell him to go to that
  10. Casual

    First Cell

    We don't need a definition for every little thing in jailbreak. I think it's pretty intuitive to realize the closest cell to armory is the first cell. The only reason you guys got into that argument is because someone placed a marker on the opposite side and said go to first cell, the only person at fault was the CT.