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  1. Why be allowed to play when you're just gonna forfeit in the finals? You didn't even attempt to schedule a match with us, and you found a time to play us once already so why not at least try again? It's crazy that it takes 2 months to decide you couldn't find the right time but even crazier that not even a day after you surrender and claim that scheduling is the issue.
  2. @Rawmondzwrong account add LSK #1867
  3. congratulations kopsta
  4. 2nd match kye #0000
  5. Special thanks to @duffy for hosting the event. 2 people showed.
  6. Thank you for the event @drippy!
  7. Casual


    Bacon, you suck at literally every game you touch.
  8. what it do

  9. get fucked

  10. Wanna go run shoulder down, full speed into some 2nd graders?

  11. Map Removal Full map name jb viperthemix_cs Type of map Jailbreak Why should we remove it @Dominic wants this removed. I would much rather have the old vip in the mix back. The new one has vents that have a bunch of different pathways which is giving the ts so much more space to rebel. Another thing that is very annoying is that the kitchen teleport was changed from soccer to pool. This makes it very hard to try and catch someone that wants to use that secret because before it was easy to spot between the two places. The lightning on the new VIP is extremely weird, it's almost like yellow and not appealing. Another thing that sucks is the one way the was once previously removed in LR room. That is an easy fix, so not too big of an issue. Another small problem I have is that the top of cells vent is one where you don't have to break it to go through. This also makes it hard to locate rebelling Ts. I'm really in favor of putting the old map back, people are familiar with it, and in my opinion this new version actually hurts the CTs.
  12. Don't trust this man on Minecraft!