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So I have noticed more new players who just want to be CT and its good in all were getting more players but they need to learn some rules. As soon as they get 30 minutes *bam* they join CT but they do not know rules and stuff. I thought of some solutions to fix this issue.


-Longer time before able to join CT

What I mean by this is make the requirement of time to join CT longer instead of 30 minutes maybe 2 hours or so.

-A CT quiz

Make a quiz asking CTs rules if they fail they could get a CT ban for a period of time.

-A group for CTS

Make a group where you have to be in it to be a CT to join the group there can be background check and quiz and all sorts of stuff to be a CT

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1. increasing playtime has been talked about for a long time. in the end, higher ups decided that its not worth increasing due to players losing interest and leaving the server for having to wait that long. especially 2 hours, no one but dedicated pkayers want to be restricted from ct for 2h, it just makes SG lose potential players.

2. absolutely not. how would you even enforce this? nobody wants to do a quiz on rules while playing video games. plus giving them a ct ban if they fail is quite absurd. again this would heavily push people away from the server.

3. yea no. half the people that play jb prob dont even know we have a Forums so it would just push people away if they try to join ct and get told they have to be in some group.


i understand the recent frustration with lack of rule knowledge from CTs but theres only so much that can be done. @TheZZL made a post recently (too lazy to find it) about a point requirement which was one of the better suggestions but i believe it was pretty much rejected. yes its annoying when people break rules and shit but its not about making sure every single player knows the rules by adding more rules and regulations. if people are doing things they shouldnt be you do have !calladmin and player complaints to help clean up the server. as of right now i believe staff is leaving the ct requirements as it is and they have their reasons for it.


ps. can we try to setup an unofficial jb community meeting with all the regs to maybe find a better solution since a lot of people seem to have a problem with this recently.

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The ct quiz doesn't sound half bad like this for example: When can cts force death games A) Always B) Never c) 2:30 D) 4:00. The group idea I personally don't like this idea because its too much work and it would highly discourage not only new players but anyone from playing ct. More time would just result in the same problem and there would still be cts who don't know the rules.

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1. The jb ats have always felt that the current time set is enough and that it does not need to be raised

2. Imma be real with u chief, idek how tf this would work or be possible

3. That just seems like unnecessary work for someone to do in a video game

Basically, they can learn the rules over the current set period of time, and just let people play the game, there’s no need to make it over complicated.

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