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Good evening all members and staff,



I'm currently trying to get my username changed due to personal issues.


The username that I wanted was either bigmac or Big Mac.

However, it turns out that they are both taken. I was wondering if you

guys have any username suggestions relating to big mac so I can change

my username to that. I have already received permission from Black Rain (thank you again)

so I only need suggestions, not permission. All ideas are welcome.


Thank you all in advance, if I receive any suggestions at all.



Big Mac

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you could do rapper names


mack10 is older rapper. really tuff, west coast type vibes

mack11 is cringe, wannabe rapper.


Be mack10


I'm sorry, but I'm not going for that type of vibe ya know? Thank you anyways for a suggestion.


maybe something along the lines of drippy, infinitywxrd, H4XOR, Brock., krumzie, Dong., or my personal favorite FOREARMS


Thank you very much for this sincere suggestion. I am happy to inform you that I will not change my username based on those

very sexy people. Also H4XOR is gay.


Thick mac?


Very nice suggestion, I might make my decision based on this or the one above with the Quarter Pounder reference.


I suggest Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a superior McDonalds sandwich.


Or something like Mac, idk.


Mac does sound like a nice username, although I'm unsure if it meets the criteria of a username on the forums as

it is only 3 characters. The rest aren't bad suggestions either, I'll take to it in a few days as soon as I have enough

to make a decision.

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