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  1. I usually like my coffee with milk and sugar. I always experiment a little with my drinks at Dunkin and Starbucks because of the variation both companies have but if I'm going cheap I can always get an iced coffee from mcdonalds.
  2. you dont even use your mic what
  3. Full map name: ba_jail_canyondam_csgo_v7-2_sgedit_v3 Type of map: Jailbreak Link to the map: http://steamgamers.site.nfoservers.com/csgo/maps/ba_jail_canyondam_csgo_v7-2_sgedit_v3.bsp.bz2 What needs fixing? The elevator in front of open cells button kills both t's and ct's randomly. It is very common for t's to die as the elevator is lowering or rising. 10 minutes ago, more than 50% of the t's died from it.
  4. jin

    Happy October

    none of the months felt good this year
  5. I have no idea how to play but I'll try to make the event. Just bought the game yesterday.
  6. jin

    So how's School going

    These days, it's been pretty hectic for me since my school is repeatedly changing everyone's schedules around (switching around classes, teachers, and periods). Just yesterday, my ap gov teacher changed to some other random fucker and my legal ethics changed into criminal law. I have to repeatedly send new emails asking for an invite to the google classrooms, filling out new class contracts and doing the previous assignments.
  7. just bought it, hopefully it'll turn out fun for me.
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    good morning sir
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      my name!

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      i’ll tell ya on discord

  10. my flip knife good luck guys