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  1. jin

    jailbreak in 2021

    bro these new cts are something else
  2. damn im stupid @Cautionsending it rn
  3. i bought a ticket on the first tho what https://gyazo.com/b886048eb7db6c0e5a4833a0149d2343
  4. jin

    your profile picture is goated my guy. Satoru Gojo on top

  5. i will shit on your forehead i cant wait
  6. 8,525 (Win.: 4,509, Loss.: 2,063) guess im still a noob
  7. I have no idea how to play but I'll try to make the event. Just bought the game yesterday.
  8. ign: jinboran bit late on this prob gonna build only
  9. Happy bday big boy