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If you would like to donate with skins you need to send eXtr3m3 a trade offer with your items, we take CSGO items, TF2 items, Rust items, Dota 2 items, and tradeable copies of Steam games. If you want to donate with a credit/debit card you should be able to with Paypal by clicking Wallet then click Link debit or credit card. If Paypal is blocking your card then your best bet is to contact them.

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Thiago1 if you are wondering just send eXtr3m3 a trade offer the items they accept are listed by Infinityward. You can also pay with PayPal using your credit card. You need to pay an increment of 15 for 3 months of subscriber and an increment of 20 for 2 months of vip. The items have to be $5 minimum.

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